Tom Bonomo with new C3 collection


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Tom Bonomo with new C3 collection

Tom Bonomo with new C3 collection

By now, we know all about moisture-wicking performance fabric that’s used in much athleticwear today: it’s synthetic-based so that during workouts, the sweat is spread throughout the garment so the garment appears less wet. The problem, however: it’s still wet.

Fortunately, there’s newer technology, something called 37.5. This process involves embedding particles into poly yarn; the particles draw out moisture before it can accumulate, with this vaporization resulting in measurably faster dry rates.

Enter Tom Bonomo from Thomas Dean. “We decided that guys need this kind of thermoregulation in their clothing, even beyond the gym. So we discovered some amazing blends that are predominantly cotton or wool but incorporate 37.5 technology. For example, our woven shirts are 74 percent cotton, 24 percent 37.5 and two percent spandex ($125 suggested retails). Our tissue weight merino knits are 74 percent merino wool ($125-$165 retails) and you can actually work out in them. We were going to introduce this technology in Thomas Dean but we realized it’s conducive to an entire collection, including outerwear ($225-$375 retails) and even suits! So we’re launching a whole new collection (C3: Core Control Comfort) for fall 18 selling.”

Targeted to better specialty stores, this is truly something new to share with customers who will surely appreciate combining luxury and comfort at affordable prices. (And the styling on these fashion pieces is as exceptional as the fabrics!)

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