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Pinstripes Kansas City Pinstripes Kansas City Pinstripes Kansas City pinstripes Pinstripes Kansas City Pinstripes Kansas City Pinstripes Kansas City
With time to visit only one independent menswear store in Kansas City, we of course chose Pinstripes, now in its 24th year. Jack Ring and Trent Slusher (who’ve worked together since 1964) established Pinstripes in the historic and upscale Country Club Plaza as a choice for professionals to find comfortable styles for casual and business wear. Some of their most popular items are selected from Robert Talbott, St. Croix, Peter Millar, Patagonia, Stenstroms and Samuelsohn. After 24 years, they’re still going strong, outlasting their local competition.

Among their success secrets, according to Ring, is their terrific sales team featuring Mark Bryant, Tom Gell, Wally Wondrack and Greg Davis. Another success secret is that throughout its history, Pinstripes has never strayed from its classic roots in style and value. “We buy what we love and pray our customers love it too,” he confides. Another key factor: Pinstripes merchandises large sizes in a separate area of the store. “It’s amazing how much business we do in 2XL,” notes Slusher. “These customers are always delighted to find a broad selection of fashion that will fit them.” In addition, the upbeat and inviting store windows and interior design are thanks to Jeane Slusher, Trent’s wife, who happens to be a professional photo stylist. Finally, Slusher insists that he and Ring never fight. “There’s no reason to,” he insists. “If either of us feels really strongly about something, the other concedes.”

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  1. Greg Kern

    Congratulations on your twenty fourth year of business. Your fall merchandise looks great. Many thanks for sharing the pictures of the store as well. All the best to the Pinstripe Team!

  2. Stephen Yozell

    Great looking store, however, look at the picture of you two gentlemen and notice how tight the coat waist is on both garments. When do we get back to comfort and drape?

  3. Chuck Stilley

    I believe in dressing for success. Trent Slusher has been dressing me for 40 years and still making me look good. Keep up the good work Trent!

  4. Rene Christopher

    I have been associated with Jack, Trent, and Jeanne for over two decades now and I can tell you these are not only consummate professionals but also personal friends. They are family, and they are loved. Pinstripes is a result of their passion and love for the men’s fashion business. They survive because they believe. Jack and Trent are two of the best!

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