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StevePruitt-FEATURED.jpgQ: After a slow summer, how can I create excitement around my new fall products?

Steve Pruitt: You’re right to focus on creating excitement around apparel. Consumers have been spending on other experiences, like travel and home-improvement, and it’s time to get them focused on fashion again.

It’s trunk show season and I strongly encourage you to rework the whole concept. “Trunk show” is an outdated term, spanning back to when products were actually delivered in luggage, or trunks. Let’s be honest – it sounds pretty boring.

To foster excitement, let’s rework this concept into fashion preview parties that focus on the fun and exclusivity. You’re doing the same thing – giving customers a sneak peek at early collections and special pricing, but you are packaging it as a unique, fun event, perhaps including appetizers and drinks. Make it part of your customer appreciation program. Invite your best customers and your newest customers. Encourage them to bring a friend.

If we want to see a significant improvement in fall sales, we really have to put the work in on the marketing side. This seems like a good place to start.

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  1. Alain Kaniki-de Rosen

    1/ Strong window presentation of the new fall collection. I will definitely create a theme: back to school . Instead of heavy wool, try to showcase fall items that could be worn now
    2/ on the sales floor, keep it light. No need to display heavy wool jackets yet.
    3/ Create a small catered in store event like a trunk show for your customers to view the new fall collection, late afternoon or early

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