A New Survey Of American Teens Suggests The Sneaker Brand To Watch Is Vans

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To figure out what American teens are into, investment bank Piper Jaffray has been asking thousands of them twice a year since 2001 about their favorite brands and what they see as the biggest fashion trends. This fall marked a breakout season for one brand in particular: Vans, Piper Jaffray said, became the fastest rising brand in the history of its survey. “The most staggering increases came from females where Vans unseated Nike as the No. 1 brand among [upper-income] females,” it noted. More teens by far still identified Nike as their favorite footwear label—41% of all those surveyed, which included 6,200 teens with an average household income of $55,800, and 2,400 teens from upper-income families with $101,900 in average household income. Read more at Quartz.

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